Allow us to bring some magic into your life.

Preston Magic has decided to reinvent the way it looks at offering the services of the magician, in the hope of offering a new and exciting concept, alongside the more traditional performance elements of the art of wonder.

Owen Mc Gough is a published magician who has written two books and numerous articles, creating well respected routines for others to perform.  His knowledge and performance of card magic are second-to-none. Leaving many of those who have watched Owen perform live puzzled, dumb founded and asking to see more.

Now Owen has decided that he wants to pass his knowledge and skills onto the next generation of performers, you, and your children.  Preston Magic will be offering magic lessons to adults and children, alongside the normal performance ideas with magic.

There will also be ways to more magic more affordable and accessible to public venues in the Preston area.  Owen believes that most people enjoys the sense of wonder associated with magic, the barrier to venues having a magician is the expense, our ‘Working for Tips’ idea will remove this barrier.

Your First Magic Lesson.

By the end of your first lesson you will be able to perform a 10 – 15-minute card routine that will fool anyone, you just need to add yourself and a little practice.  Owen has design the first lesson to allow you to learn a routine, or set of tricks, to get you performing magic in the quickest possible way.

After you have master these Owen will then start teaching you the art of sleight of hand, slowly but surely teaching to perform magic to a professional standard.

Magic with objects around you.

Owen has concluded that the best way for you to learn magic is to teach you magic with objects.   With a deck of cards (if you have 2 with different colour backs this create more you can do), 5 coins (same value, 2ps or 10ps are great), some good-sized rubber bands, some soft rope or a shoelace, a ring or bracelet (having both create more options), a note pad and a pen.

Just think about how much you can do with those basic things. Owen thinks he can help you learn up to 2 hours’ worth of material out of these basic things, over a few lessons.