Beginners Card Magic

Owen Mc Gough of Preston magic believe that the best way to learn a skill like magic is to engage with a teacher who can become your mentor.  If the mentor is any good at what they do the student will gain results straight away. This is the premise that the Beginners Card Magic Course designed by Owen has at its core.

Over 5 Face to Face Lessons Owen will teach you card magic that is easy to learn, professional in standard and is strong enough to blow anyone away.  Owen will also take you through the psychology of why these effects work, what your spectators see and get out of the effects taught.

After the 5 lessons, you will have enough material to conduct a 40 – 60 minute card show where every effect will hold the attention of your audience, all you need to add is a deck of cards and some time to practice.

The other thing to remember is the effects taught are from Owen’s own working repertoire.

Each lesson is upto 90 minutes long, examine 3 main tricks in depth and allows time for you to ask questions.

This course is designed to be for all, so perfect for people who have no experience of magic. Owen also offers more advanced card magic tuition for those who are interested.

£15 per lesson.

The Expert Card Gambler

Everybody who plays cards game such as Poker and Blackjack wishes they could understand the methods used by expert card cheats.  What if you knew the legal way to cheat?  What if you could card count and use the basic strategy to win at Blackjack?

While Owen would never advocate uses these techniques to cheat at gaming tables, he does not gamble himself, he is happy to teach others how he uses the methods of the card shark in his magic to look like an expert card cheat.  Owen has a tried and tested set he performs around gambling where he wins at Poker, predicts the winner of a Blackjack game and stacks a deck so he can deal the aces to himself.

In this course you can learn:

Card counting with Blackjack.
How to stack a deck to be dealt the aces.
A game of Poker you cannot loose.
Some shuffling ideas.
Some dealing ideas.
And More. 

Preston Magic must stress that we are teaching this for use in magic, should you choose to use the ideas for other means it is at your own risk.

Contact Preston Magic for details.