The Gambler and Card Cheat

This is a night where all the odds are most definitely stacked against you. You can try all you want to win, but give may as well give up before you begin. Owen has spent years perfecting his techniques with a deck of card, now being seen as a master of card magic and manipulations.

In Owen’s mind this is the close-up magic show that proves, beyond any doubt, that a disabled person can perform great magic. The kicker? This is all done using an ordinary deck of playing cards.

Watch as Owen teaches some one how to cheat at cards. Then allow him to share some of the magicians secrets with you, don’t be surprised if does not quite go your way.

Sit back as he shows you how to shuffle a deck in such a way he can deal the winning hands to himself.

Lastly try to avoid that last game of poker, the one with only ten cards. You have lost before you begin.

These are just some of the ideas used in this show. You will never look at a deck of cards in the same way again after watching Owen’s skills with cards.