The Mentalist

This is the area of magic where it all begun, mentalism. This is the art of reading minds, body language and other forms of unspoken communication in order to find out what others are thinking about. This is Owen’s real passion in the magical arts, here he can perform amazing ‘psychic’ feats; predict the outcomes and much more.

This is magic in its purest form; nothing in magic is more direct. Owen has studied the works of many of the great mentalist and mind reader fro the last 100 years, these include the works of Corrinda, Annaman, Osterlind, Banachek, Jermay, Voodini and many others.

Here you will see only the ideas selected by Owen as the best of the best. Please note Owen does not use any form of stooge or hypnosis in his work, as he say there is no need to in modern mentalism.

You will see Owen predict outcomes to effects.
You will see Owen read some ones mind.
Owen will demonstrate his use of body language.
He will give live demonstration of set psychic tests.
Owen will demonstrate his muscle reading skills
Along with much more.

Then he will let you make up your own mind about the skills he possesses and uses in this part of his work.